Rising Freshman Placement Guidelines

Lake Zurich High School Rising Freshman Placement Guidelines

Class of 2027

Lake Zurich High School strives to meet the individual needs of students by offering courses of varying pace and rigor at three credit-bearing levels: College Prep, Honors, and AP.

Our academic Program of Studies, available on the high school website under the Academics menu, lists in detail each course offering including the course description, level and amount of credit, and additional information that will be helpful throughout the placement and registration process.
Students are recommended for core course placements by the standards and criteria listed below. 

Parents are encouraged to discuss the placement guidelines and review placement recommendations with their student and respective middle school teachers.

Questions about the high school curriculum should be directed to the appropriate division head (listed below). While uncommon and not advised, there is a waiver process in February for changing the placement recommended by the middle school teacher.

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