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LZHS Clubs & Activities

LZHS Clubs & Extracurriculars

Students interested in learning more or joining should email the sponsor to receive the Canvas course code for the club/activity.

Students who want to propose the creation of a new club or activity at Lake Zurich High School must submit by email an application to the Assistant Principal for Student Life and Operations.  Please click on the link below to download the application.


Allied Soccer

Sponsor: Jake Jobst and Brittany Yates

Allied Soccer is an inclusive soccer team that practices Tuesday and Thursday with a few Saturdays. Participants must be able to make most practices and games. This team will compete against other high school programs in the area. 


Sponsor: Carolyn Wagner

The Sign Language club meets twice a month before school and aims to introduce students to American Sign Language. Acquisition of ASL/signed English brings many benefits to all students regardless of whether they are Deaf or struggling with their hearing as it helps children to fully express themselves and communicate with a variety of individuals. Additionally, attainment of a foundation of ASL can also improve confidence and self-esteem. This introductory club provides the basics of this language.


Sponsor:  Matt Winkelman

The Art Club / National Art Honor Society uses a Canvas page for all club content, meeting / event dates and other important information. LZHS students interested in Art Club or National Art Honor Society should contact the sponsor to gain access to the page.


Sponsor: Lily Garcia

Welcome to our Badminton Club! Our club offers an exciting opportunity for students to engage in the fast-paced and dynamic sport of badminton. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, our club provides a welcoming environment for all skill levels. Through regular practices, friendly matches, and participation in in-house tournaments, members have the chance to improve their techniques, develop teamwork skills, and foster a love for the sport. Join us to stay active, make new friends, and enjoy the thrill of badminton.

media news

Sponsor:  Elizabeth Lungu

Bear Facts Student Media prints 4 magazines each year and reports daily news and student events on the media site and social media.  To join the student media program, students need to enroll in the Journalism classes. Contact the adviser for additional information.

violin on sheet music

Sponsor:  Nathan Sackschewsky

Bear Strings is an audition Orchestra which meets once a week for rehearsals and performs at different events throughout the year.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

many hands on globe

Sponsor: Stephanie Piggott & Jenna DeRose

The Buddy Program meets twice a month.  Students are paired with a student with special needs and events are planned like bowling, a basketball game and more. Contact the sponsor for additional information.


Sponsor: Joe Ellery

Chess Club meets once a week, after school on Tuesdays. The goal of the club is for students to learn and play chess in a non-competitive setting. Students of all skill levels welcome. Contact the sponsor for additional information.

color guard

Sponsor: Cayla Freedman

Color Guard is a dance-based performance group that incorporate spinning equipment, dancing and performing into one production. Color Guard focuses on performing alongside the Marching Bears and is open to anyone. Color Guard performs at half time football games.

theatre masks

Sponsor: Tom Skobel

The Drama Club is an inclusive and creative community where students can explore their passion for acting, stagecraft, and storytelling. Through a variety of activities including rehearsals, workshops, and performances, members have the opportunity to develop their acting skills, gain confidence, and collaborate with peers in bringing stories to life. Whether you're interested in performing on stage, working behind the scenes on set design or lighting, or simply want to express yourself creatively, the Drama Club provides a supportive environment for students to unleash their imagination and share their talents. Join us for a memorable journey filled with creativity, expression, and the magic of theater!


Sponsor: McKenna Serowka

EDvironment is an LZHS student run initiative with the goals of fostering a better environmental awareness curriculum across Illinois,  of creating a more environmentally conscious community, of developing presentations and activities for K-12 students, and of passing state standards for environmental awareness. If you are passionate about the environment, education, social media, or politics, this club is for you!


Sponsor:  Jonathan Clarke & Nic Sorrentino

E-Sports is the club for students interested in gaming.  They meet 3 times per month and develop strategies to become better e-sports players.  They compete against other schools at times.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

Finance Club

Sponsor: Tim Beranek

Lake Zurich Finance club aims to explore the world of investments and money management through activities such as investment simulations, presentations, guest speakers and scavenger hunts. Students meet once a month and discuss new topics and set the stage for upcoming learning opportunities.

French Club

Sponsor: Michael Kramer

Information about this club coming soon!


Sponsors:  Amy Horn and Jennifer Latala

Freshman Class Board meets twice a month in the mornings.  Freshman Class Board plans events for the freshman class and raises money for the freshmen class.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

German flag

Sponsor:  Antje Perrin

The German Club explores the German language and culture of German-speaking countries through a variety of extracurricular activities. Activities include movie nights, Kaffeklatsch get-togethers, foosball competitions, game nights, and field trips to cultural events. 

fingers typing

Sponsor: Grace Bonamarte

Girls Who Code is a club where girls meet and do coding types of activities but also explore careers associated with coding. Contact the sponsor for additional information.

hands pointing, construction helmet, looking at blueprint

Sponsors: Vicky Foss

Habitat For Humanity is a club that meets twice a month at school and then does build days at Habitat for Humanity sites in Lake County.  Not all days are required though. They are active throughout the school year.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

hands reaching for each other

Sponsor:  Vicky Foss and Linda Watson

Interact is a club for volunteerism and giving back.  Interact is open to all students.  Members are required to do community service in conjunction with the Lake Zurich Rotary.  They meet as an entire group twice a month. Contact the sponsor for additional information.

globe with flags around it

Sponsor: DJ Angelaccio

International Club meets once a month.  Each month they choose a different country to explore and members bring information to share.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

Literary Magazine

Sponsors: Addie Sullivan

Students share and have an opportunity to publish their work.  Student produce the literary magazine in May from works submitted throughout the year. Contact the sponsor for additional information.

people in medical field

Sponsor:  Julie HerberJenn Latala

Medical Science club explores the many facets of medical science from careers in the field to the human body in general.  They meet twice a month but sometimes have other events outside the school day.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

national honor society

Sponsors:  Laura Cohen and Anna Thompson

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Lake Zurich’s National Honor Society chapter activities include fundraising, charitable activities, and service to the school and community.

Selection Process Information 

dancer silhouette

Sponsors: Melissa Hull & Gillian Bourke

Orchesis is a non-competitive dance company.  There is an audition in April/May.  It is open to all students freshman through seniors.  Audition information for 8th graders is sent to the middle schools. Orchesis has a show in February, but also performs at assemblies.  Contact the sponsors for additional information.

statue with scales of justice

Sponsor: Kim Ferraro

The Political Science Club meets twice a month.  This group explores the many aspects of law and plans some events and bring in speakers.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

globe with recycling arrows around it

Sponsor:  Megan O'Neill

REACT meets twice a month.  They plan activities and advocate for an environmentally friendly school and community.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.


Sponsor:  Laura Harvey & Cherie Janik

If you enjoy trivia and knowing obscure facts, then you should join Scholastic Bowl! Whether you love history, math, fine arts, literature, or science, there’s a spot for you on our team.  Scholastic Bowl starts meeting in October and competes from November through March.  Some competitions are on the weekends.  They meet weekly throughout the season.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

Science Team

Sponsor:  Anne Hopkins

The Science Team starts meeting in October and competes against other schools in December through March.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.


Sponsor:  Nathan Sackschewsky

Sinfonietta is an audition Orchestra which meets once a week for rehearsals and performs at different events throughout the year.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.


Sponsor: McKenna Serowka

Ski Club meets in the winter months and plans trips to local ski resorts.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.


Sponsors: Megan Mowinski & Brittany Yates

The Special Needs Athletic Program meets throughout the year. Our club’s mission is to socialize with all students through athletic activities. Contact the sponsors for additional information.

Sophomore Class Board

Sponsors: Linda Watson & Nicole Skoby

Sophomore Class Board meets twice a month in the mornings.  Sophomore Class Board plans events for the sophomore class and raises money for the Sophomore class.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

Speech Team

Sponsor: Laura Stanton & Elizabeth Tise

Speech team season is from October through March.  They compete on the weekends at other schools.  This is an IHSA sanctioned activity.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

Student Council

Sponsor: Susie Santiago & Cherie Janik

Student Council is a cohort of students who are leaders of LZHS.  Student Council is an application based club.  This process takes place in early September.  All Member Meetings are on the 1stand 3rd Wednesday of the Month in the PAC.  Officer and Team Leader meetings on the 2nd, 4th, and 5thWednesday of the month in S127.  Student Council plans all assemblies, charity events, Blood Drives and more!


Sponsor: Margret Koy

“Tabletop Gaming/D & D Club” is a student club that gives students the opportunity to play Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop games. We meet every Friday in Room C112 from 3:45 – 4:45 pm.

Theatre Crew

Sponsor: Marcel Graham

Theater Crew club allows students to explore the backstage aspects of the theatre.  This group meets regularly and has many positions and jobs depending on the show or concert in the Performing Arts Center.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.

treble clef

Sponsor: Sheri Conover

Tri-M is a music honor society with a selection process.  They meet once a month, but have many other activities they are required to do to meet the service hour requirement.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.


Sponsor: Carolyn Wagner

UNICEF is a club centered around fundraising and volunteering. All funds raised are donated to the United Nations Children's Fund to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential. Club members organize and participate in charity events geared toward community-building and service. 

color guard

Sponsor:  Cayla Freedman

Winter Guard is a competitive team.  The season is from November through March.  They compete against other Winter Guard programs in the Midwest Color Guard Circuit.  Practices vary but are generally once or twice a week. Contact the sponsor for additional information.

kids on computer

Sponsor: McKenna Serowka

Women in STEAM meets twice a month before school. Members of the club participate in STEAM-centered events, explore STEAM careers, and connect with other girls who share an interest in STEAM. Contact the sponsor for additional information.

board with photos

Sponsor: Laura Stanton

Yearbook meets once a week and is tasked with completing the yearbook for distribution at the end of the school year.  They meet throughout the year and work with the yearbook vendor to produce the best yearbook around.  Contact the sponsor for additional information.