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think safety

Please read the communication and watch the video below! 

Parents, Students and Staff-

Recently we sent out information about pedestrian and driver safety as it pertained to our high school parking lot. We continue to have concerns about unsafe practices in our lots. We want to ensure everyone is being as safe as possible as they exit their vehicles, drop off or pick-up their students, or walk through the parking lots.

We are requesting that you take 3 minutes to watch a video, LINKED HERE, about parking lot safety, drop off areas, and other common concerns we see in our parking lots. In the video there is mention of a few areas where changes are being made for safety reasons. We have provided additional pictures below for your reference.

Picture one below shows the flow of traffic for the field house lot. This is the only area where students should be dropped off/picked-up. For the safety of everyone, anyone being picked up or dropped off needs to do so in the lane closest to the school. We ask that you not drop off in the parking lot itself, only in the drop off lane.

Picture two shows a change to help keep students and staff safe from additional traffic. The drive on the west side of the school between the PAC and student lot will now be closed during pick-up and drop off times. This is to ensure no additional traffic is entering the Performing Arts Center lot where buses are entering and leaving.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ryan Rubenstein
Lake Zurich High School
Assistant Principal for Student Life and Operations