Recent LZHS Communications Detail

Crosswalk and Parking Lot Safety



Dear Parents and Students,

As you know, the safety of our students, staff, and families is a top priority. Through collaboration with our School Resource Officer (SRO), local police, and a review of our LZHS data, we have identified several areas requiring attention in the areas of crosswalk safety, parking lot safety, and teen driving practices. As examples, we have noticed an increase in traffic crashes on school property compared to the last two years - and the police department has reported an increased amount of speeding on Church Street before and after school. Please see below for important reminders related to each of these areas.

Crosswalk Safety

    • Use the push-button notification at crosswalks before entering the roadway; this alerts drivers that there is a person at the crosswalk, and gives them a cue to slow down
  • Keep heads up, and phones down; by remaining alert, students are able to see oncoming cars and other aspects of the environment before crossing
  • Assess before crossing; make eye contact with drivers and make sure they are slowing down before entering the crosswalk

Parking Lot Safety & Teen Driving Practices

  • Observe the speed limit on Church Street (30 mph) and in the LZHS parking lots (15 mph)
  • Pay attention to pedestrians, especially in crosswalks, and yield to them
  • Avoid distractions like phone usage while driving
  • Check your surroundings carefully before backing up while in the parking lot
  • Be patient and courteous to others in the parking lot
  • Avoid cutting through lanes and parking spots, driving the wrong way in one-way lanes, and making 3-point turns on the drive by the stadium

Your support is crucial in creating a safer environment for everyone in our school community; as we know, school safety is everyone’s responsibility. Thank you for your collaboration in this matter. 


John Walsh

Lake Zurich High School Principal