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High School Event Parking on 11/11/23





This weekend is a busy weekend at Lake Zurich High School, particularly this Saturday.  This Saturday, 11/11/23, there is a 1 PM quarterfinal football game and a 2 PM matinee production of Elf Jr.  Due to the overlap of these events, there will be multiple options for parking.  Below you will find details about parking and a map of parking options.  Please allow yourself enough time to park and get to either event on time.

-The Performing Arts Center (PAC) parking lot/North parking lot will only be available for attendees of Elf Jr.  This lot will not open until 1:20 PM. 

-The Lower parking lot, the Knigge parking lot, the May Whitney parking lot, the St. Peter parking lot, and the Arlington Plastics parking lot are all available for football and Elf Jr. attendees.

Below, you can find a map of where all the parking lots mentioned above are located.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Lake Zurich High School main office.  Have a wonderful day!