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LZHS Safety Week



We are excited to kick off the 23-24 school year with Safety Week, to occur during the week of August 14th, as we welcome students back from summer - and start the year off with messaging about creating safe, healthy school communities. During this week, students will engage in learning around the following topics:

  • The Standard Response Protocol (SRP), our emergency response protocol used to address safety concerns
  • Safe2Help, our new anonymous reporting tool for safety concerns
  • Collective responsibility for school safety (i.e., it takes all of us working together to maximize feelings of safety in the school community)
  • Key information about more significant behaviors (i.e., drugs on campus, physical altercations) and related consequences/supports that will be put in place for students
    • NOTE: Families can expect to receive a copy of materials related to student behaviors following the presentation, for their reference and information

Families who want to learn more about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and the “I Love U Guys” Foundation may access information via the foundation’s website HERE. Please note that students will NOT be engaging in any drills associated with the SRP during Safety Week, and families will receive separate notification in advance of scheduled lockdown drills for the school year.

Effective the 23-24 school year, District 95 has partnered with Safe2Help Illinois, a statewide school safety program. This will replace the current District 95 See Something, Say Something tool. Safe2Help Illinois features a 24/7 helpline (1-844-4-SAFEIL), free mobile app, and dedicated website. [A QR code will also be available on the back of students’ ID cards in grades 6-12 for easy access to the reporting tool.] Families who want to learn more about Safe2Help can visit the website at

Thank you in advance for your partnership as we approach the start of the school year; it takes all of us working together to create safe school communities!

Ms. Cara Obrochta, M.A, M.S. Ed

Assistant Principal for Student Services